Sunday, September 17, 2006

Test render,

This was another old test render. It was revived when trawling through old concepts. I may use this style in the final render. Some how I have to convince "CJ" it is a good idea. CJ is our render/post expert and only just speaking to me- due to a wee accident with me breaking a car window..

PUG!!! our hero

The Concept art is now ready for Pug.
Another one I will have model.

Armour Test.

Armour Test, this too was created a few years ago.
This has only a bump and specular finish to create geometry

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another character "trev"

Another character... This one is base on the idea of a Mexican Wrestler with power fists. We will name him Trev. We know all Trevs would wear spandex.

These are a few more designs for alternative heads, the second one will be used for another species of creature.

Found an original Image of Hissy..

This was the first little doodle I did of Hissy. This was actually based on an ex work colleague who I happened to annoy a bit too much....hence the name she would get all "Hissy".

Torso and leg side views, possibly add a pseudo bondage feel to the creature. I always remember seeing the images and they always would terrify me. So why not add to the ultimate evil. The idea is to have hooks and leathers cutting into the skin.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Demon Creature" Pre Vis

This is the start of the creation of the Demon or Daemon Creature. Originally it was designed to be a quadruped dog like creature who would be chasing and hunting our heros. A suggestion from our artists that they would like to create (3D Model) a biped upright creature that would be walking and be with a dark malevolent nature.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hissy and Dug in pose!

I was asked to have a picture done of hissy and dug in scale and with a bit of colour. Typical just when you are on a roll requests come from the artist's..."we need a colour image"

Colour rough for modeling

This is the final rough ready for modeling. This looks like I will be creating this model. The more wilder and feral type creatures will be "outsourced" to another artist who specialises in creatures of dark.

Hissy and Dug!

Hissy and dug, an action concept for two of the main hero characters for our 3D Film,

Monday, September 11, 2006

From Concept to Creation

The start,
actually this will be my first attempt at "blogging". This is where I will unload thoughts and creations. This also will be an exercise on how I and a with a small band of mercenaries we will create a short 3D film. Here you will find concepts sketches and designs all the way through the to the final 3d film. Also you will share then pain of 3D production